28th February 2012
'Using SALEFORM 2012' - BIMCO Seminar in Hamburg

This is an unique opportunity for anybody with an interest in Sale & Purchase to
meet and interact with the members of the BIMCO sub-committee involved in the
revision of SALEFORM 2012, incl. our Managing Director Christoph Bruhn.

They will be in Hamburg to present the document and answer questions from the
audience on the revisions done!

The revision of this widely-used international agreement has been a year in the
making. SALEFORM 2012 reflects what the industry has told BIMCO it wants in a new
edition of the sale agreement. It is a modest revision, but one which incorporates
many of the amendments commonly made to the form when used.

Join BIMCO in Hamburg to welcome SALEFORM 2012 and see for yourself the
much-improved version of this tried and tested international sales agreement.

For more information about the seminar and how to register for it, please use
following link to the BIMCO-website – BIMCO SALEFORM 2012




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